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Contacts of the Finnish Association for Real Estate Valuation


The association is led by a board of seven members. Members have traditionally been chosen to represent different interest groups in real estate appraisal. These and the personal deputy for each board member are elected by the associations annual meeting for two years at a time. The board members elect from among its members for one year at a time the Vice Chairman and, from among its members or from outside, the secretary and treasurer and, where applicable, other staff.

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 Members of the Board

Saija Toivonen, chairman

D.Sc. (Tech)

Assistant Professor (Real Estate Economics) at Aalto University, Department of Built Environment

Seppo Koponen, vice-chairman

M.Sc. (Tech), Authorised property valuer (AKA), KHK, MRICS, CIS HypZert (MLV), REV, legalized real estate broker (LKV)

CEO, GEM Valuation Oy seppo.koponen(at)

Arja Lehtonen

Authorised property valuer (AKA), KHK

Director, Catella Property Oy arja.lehtonen(at)

Jukka Lahtinen

Authorised property valuer (AKA), legalized real estate broker (LKV)

Entrepreneur, Jukka S Lahtinen LKV jukka(at)

Juha Nummi

M.Sc. (Tech), Authorised property valuer (AKA), MRICS, KHK

Senior Advisor, Partner at Newsec Valuation

Juho Kontra


Manager, Forest estate Development, UPM Oy

Mauri Asmundela

M.Sc. (Tech)

Director of Valuation Proceedings at
National Land Survey of Finland


Tuuli Laine

Secretary and treasurer at SKAY

M.Sc. (Tech)
Land Surveyor at Valuation Proceedings,
National Land Survey of Finland

Deputy Members of the Board

Jyrki Halomo

Lis.Sc. (Tech), M.Sc. (Tech), Authorised property valuer (AKA), KHK, MRICS

Chief Analyst at FinCap Kiinteistövarainhoito jyrki.halomo(at)

Antti Orama

M.Sc. (Tech), Authorised property valuer (AKA), KHK

Valuation Chief, Maanomistajien Arviointikeskus antti.orama(at)

Ari Laitala

Lis.Sc. (Tech)

Education Manager, Sykli Environmental School of Finland

Hannu Ridell

M.Sc. (Tech), Authorised property valuer (AKA), MRICS, KHK

CEO, Partner at Newsec Valuation hannu.ridell(at)

Annina Salakka

M.Sc. (Tech)

Investment Manager, Brunswick Real Estate annina.salakka(at)

Mikael Postila


Pricing Analyst, Kesko Group kmpostila(at)